How to be a VIP ADIDAS member, earn rebates and discounts

Who doesn’t want to become a VIP? If you’re looking for answers on how to become an VIP Adidas  member in the Philippines, you came into the right page.

Adidas offers its customers VIP treatment by letting them earn and get big discount during their birthday month.
Become a VIP Adidas member |

For the longest time, I have the same question as who you are. How to become a VIP Adidas customer? How do I get that Adidas VIP Card.

Well, in case you didn’t know, AdidasPH previously offered Adidas VIP Card. But it’s already phased out. Instead they replaced it with something better.
Now they offer a lifetime VIP status without a need for a badge or a card. By having a one-time purchase PHP6000-worth of Adidas items, apparel, shoes, etc. you’ll get a chance to become an Adidas VIP member.
They’re are going to help you register on the Adidas 3Stripes website. The points or technically the rebates that you earned will be credited in the next 2 days.

Every PHP1000 spent, you’ll receive a PHP100 3Stripes voucher, which should be valid for max of two months.
Is it worth it to become VIP member of Adidas? Yes of course, it’s a lifetime privilege! But still it will depend on how often you buy from Adidas. 
And just a friendly sharing of info, it’s not valid on all Adidas stores. Adidas-franchised stores don’t support the VIP status yet. Hopefully in the future they will!

On our next post, we’ll share which Adidas stores you have to go to avail and earn 3Stripes voucher/points.
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