Adidas creates New Climachill Range to keep athletes comfortable and cool in extreme heat

adidas launches a new innovation in the CLIMACHILL range created to help athletes train harder for longer, even in high temperatures.

Heat can affect an athlete’s power and endurance which are critical for gaining a competitive advantage in training. CLIMACHILL helps reduce the impact hot temperatures can have on performance by releasing heat and managing moisture, allowing athletes to train in the heat and acclimatise themselves for competition.

adidas ClimaChill 2

The new FreeLift Tee CLIMACHILL and CLIMACHILL Tank allow air to freely circulate under the shirt’s surface by forcing moisture to evaporate more efficiently, helping to keep the fabric dryer and the athlete cooler. The lightweight texture minimises wet cling and maximises comfort helping athletes to reach their peak performance in high temperatures without the distraction of a heavy, wet shirt sticking to them while they train. The inner lining is also dotted with aluminium spheres, providing key points of the skin with an instant cooling sensation to combat the heat.

new climachill tee.jpg


“Our focus is to enable athletes to unleash their best, no matter how hot conditions are. With that in mind, we focused on moisture and heat control to minimize wet cling with this latest CLIMACHILL innovation.

We’ve created a garment that can positively impact an athlete as they strive to reach optimal performance in high temperatures. We’ve looked at the physiological implications heat can have during training and created a product that defies those effects. The new combination of yarns to prevent wet cling compliments CLIMACHILL’s unique construction of cooling spheres that work as a temperature control system for the athlete, sending cooling sensations when the fabric connects to the skin.”

 – Michael Kresser, Vice President of Product for adidas Training

To join the conversation use #CLIMACHILL and visit CLIMACHILL is available at and retail stores worldwide.

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