adidas Originals and Donald Glover Announce Creative Partnership

This is not a drill. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino joins adidas Originals and readies to take the three stripe brand to his own limitless creativity.

adidas Originals is proud to announce that Donald Glover has joined the family as Brand Co-Creator. Marking the beginning of the partnership, both adidas Originals and Donald Glover released a visual announcement today featuring an animated Donald Glover putting on a pair of classic adidas sneakers.

adidas Originals - Donald Glover 1
Donald Glover’s partnership with adidas Originals is multi-faceted and will include creative projects, footwear and apparel

Built on a foundation of mutual creative respect, adidas Originals and Donald Glover will look beyond the confines of traditional collaborations, allowing the partnership to be inspired by limitless creativity.

Donald Glover commented, ‘I believe it’s important not to feel like ideas are bound by specific guidelines and adidas Originals has given me the opportunity to create on my own terms. I’m looking forward to seeing what that leads to.’

Discussing the importance of innovating through collaboration, Jenny Pham, Senior Director, Global Brand Marketing and Communications, adidas Originals, commented ‘With this partnership, we want to challenge the parameters of a conventional brand collaboration – cutting through the indiscriminate noise of contemporary culture to create something special. Donald is a unique, multi-faceted creator who is truly a manifestation of limitless and uncompromising creativity. Our partnership is one that will allow both the brand and the artist to create in revolutionary new ways.’

To view the short film, please visit:


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